In Memoriam, May 24, 1922 - April 19, 2012

Bernice Tinsley is remembered for the many & generous contributions she made to her family, friends, & community. This small, but precious digital archive is dedicated to the preservation of her memory through photographs & documents gathered from her estate & family records.


Bernice Dean Dearing Tinsley, A Life

Bernice Dean Dearing Tinsley, 89, died Thursday, April 19, 2012. She was the beloved wife of two pastors from the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference of the Free Methodist Church: the Reverend Curtis Dearing and the Reverend Ed Tinsley.

With an abiding love for Jesus, Bernice was a nurse, a faithful member of the Wilmore Free Methodist Church, and a Kentucky Colonel. She was known around Wilmore as "the pie lady," often making as many as twenty or more pies per day. She never wanted to be a burden to anyone or accept recognition for her labors. She spent her life taking care of others, always thankful for good health, a clear mind, and the freedom to drive her elderly friends and neighbors to their doctors' appointments. She also loved to cook, sew, and garden.

Born on May 24, 1922, Bernice lived most of her adolescent years during the Great Depression. As the oldest girl in a family of 12 children, she began early in life helping to raise her brothers and sisters, eventually becoming "Mom and Grandma" to three different families.

She is survived by two children: Joanna Dearing Lucas (wife of Jim) of PA, and Nathan Dearing (husband of Rose) of ID, and six step children: Naomi Dearing (Douglas Clark) of IN, Samuel Tinsley (Lillian) of LA, William Tinsley of KY, Delores Wright (Gerald) of IN, Donna Weidman (Don) of PA, and Rachel Powdrill (Sam) of KY. Rounding out her extended family are twenty grandchildren, several great-grandchildren, brothers John, Fred, Howard, Randall, Alvin, and Charles Dean, and sisters Freida Jones and Alice Schuller. She was preceded in death by a step-son, Ervin Dearing, brothers Norman and Ken Dean, and a sister, Elsie Campbell.

Bernice had an incredible spirit of giving, a large and loving family, and many friends. She will be greatly missed by all those she loved and who loved her in return.

Bernice Dean Dearing Tinsley, An Archive

This digital image archive was made official on July 25, 2012 and has been created in order to help preserve the memory of Bernice Dean Dearing Tinsley, a woman whose 90 years of life and service left a mark on thousands of friends, patients, and family members. Visitors to the archive will find occasional documents and records that were either written by Bernice herself or acquired by her family, but most of the content will reflect a collection of images from her life and service. Any physical items within the collection (those that were not born-digital) were digitally archived in Palm Beach Gardens at the office of Lucas Archives, but have since been returned to Rachel Powdrill at her residence in Wilmore, Kentucky.

The archive currently has 143 digital objects ranging from .jpg files to .pdf documents. Visitors to the archive may, over time, contribute further images and documents, thereby adding to the original count. Should there be any changes or additions to the archive, readers will be made aware on the home page.

For those visitors who notice individuals who have not been credited within various images (many of whom were unknown to the archivist) or who wish to add content/images/documents to the archive, please contact Lucas Archives by emailing lucasarchives(at)gmail(dot)com or visiting the website to learn more.